The Nerd Lord Giveth, and the Nerd Lord Taketh Away

Specifically, the Nerd Lord giveth us joy, by bestowing upon videos of great awesomeness, such as Daffy Duck: Heavy Metal Wizard, ThunderLOLCats, and of course, Garfield’s Royal Rumble: The Animated Epic Parts One and Two. But there must be a balance, and when the Nerd Lord giveth such a bounty of goodness, he must also taketh away.

Specifically, he must take away all that joy and happiness and hope by giveth-ing us this video, in which furries perform an agonizing Love Boat-themed “comedy” skit called “The Yiff Boat.” In 2011. That’s 8-minutes long. With a two minute introduction. As part of “The Furry Fiesta.” The worst thing about this video is that I actually had an even more traumatizing vid in mind, but it was pulled — presumably by the Nerd Lord, who realized no amount of goodness would ever equal that much pain and evil. So consider yourselves lucky, I guess.