The Thousand Pounds Live-Action Naruto Movie Is Here

If you recall back in June, Thousand Pounds — the action troupe behind those awesome live-action Street Fighter combos videos — had set their sights on doing a Naruto fan flick , “Dreamers Fight.” This is the first half of it. As to be expected, the action is well choreographed, the special effecta are excellent, and the direction is just superb. There are a few problems, though; it takes a bit to get going (the fight starts at about 5:20) and it’s kind of weird how Rock Lee pretty much wipes the floor with Naruto and his shadow clones for most the battle. Still, it’s a great example of how a live-action anime movie could be made and made well, if only people give the tiniest shit about it. Which Hollywood doesn’t and never will. Thanks for reminding me, Thousand Pounds. Jerks.