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40 Minutes of the Best Damn Star Wars Fan Flick You’ve Ever Seen


Probably. It’s probably the best damn Star Wars fan flick you’ve ever seen. At the very least, I can say with some confidence that it’s the best damn Italian Star Wars fan flick you’ve ever seen… unless maybe you’re Italian and watch a lot of Star Wars fan flicks. Fuck, I don’t know. All I know is that this is Dark Resurrection Vol. 0, the long-awaited prequel to 2007’s Dark Resurrection Vol. 1, and the 10 minutes I’ve been able to watch so far have been absolutely gorgeous. Kind of heartbreakingly so, especially after I recently watched all the prequels on Blu-ray. Oh! I think I got the English subtitles turned on, but if not, just hit the “CC” button. And enjoy. Thanks to Ricky for the tip!