EA Would Like You to Pretend the New Syndicate Game Is Like the Old Syndicate Game

The last time I ran a trailer for Syndicate, EA’s first-person shooting update to the classic PC cyberpunk strategy game, we all kind of figured out that the new Syndicate was almost nothing like the classic game and who the fuck cares about another FPS. EA must have noticed this, because they just released this new video trying to show the similarities between the old Syndicate and the new Syndicate. The problem is that there are almost no similarities between the old Syndicate and the new Syndicate, so this video is really just a glaringly obvious reminder than the new Syndicate is generic crap and god wouldn’t it be nice to have a real modern Syndicate game. Seriously, it’s almost sad how desperately EA pretends like the two games have anything to do with each other other than the name while showing clear visual evidence that, in fact, they don’t. Thanks to Charles J. for the tip.