Now Ben Affleck Is Taking The Stand


affleck stand.jpg

?Seriously. Warner Bros. just given Ben Affleck the directing job for The Stand movie — er, movies.

Okay, this isn’t the end of the world. Affleck has actually directed two pretty good dramas, Gone Baby Gone and The Town. If The Stand were a 300-page crime thriller we’d actually be in great shape. Of course, The Stand isn’t a 300-page crime thriller, but a 2,000-page apocalyptic, supernatural horror-drama. Moreover, the plan was for WB to make three Stand movies, and Affleck hasn’t even directed three movies yet (he’s finishing #3 right now).

Again, Affleck has shown himself to be a pretty solid director, so I’m not going to freak out. I do wonder why, however, WB’s last choice to handle this project — David Yates, the guy who made the last few Harry Potter movies, and who did pretty well with them — suddenly seemed a poorer choice than Ben Affleck. Odd to say the least. (Via /Film)