Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


?Steve Jobs passed away yesterday, presumably from the pancreatic cancer he was diagnosed with in 2008. When he resigned as Apple CEO in August, we all guessed he was sick, but I didn’t think he’d be gone so soon. It’s just horrible.

The iPod came out 10 years ago, so just think what Jobs has done since then: Allowed us to carry an immense amount of music wherever we go. Changed the music industry. Virtually created the digital download industry. Made computers that anyone could use and not be totally confused. Took cellphones into the future. And he also pretty much created the tablet market, too.And that’s just the last 10 years. Can you imagine what the world would be like in 2021 if Steve Jobs were still alive? You can’t, but it would have absolutely been a better, cooler place.

Thanks for everything, Steve. You may have had your problems, but you genuinely changed the world. You will be truly missed.