That Ghibli RPG Is Still @#$%ing Gorgeous, in Case You Were Wondering

Here’s a new but still-entirely-in-Japanese trailer for Ni no Kuni, the PS3 role-playing game from Level 5and Studio Ghibli. It’s gorgeous. Like, I can barely believe it’s a videogame gorgeous. Like, it looks like an actual Ghibli movie gorgeous, except instead of a two-hour movie it’s a 40-hour-plus RPG. It’s also looks completely insane, in a very Japanese/anime way. I’m so glad it’s coming over to America, because otherwise I’d have to import it. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to play it because it’d be entirely in Japanese, but I’d still need it so I could turn it on and get my copy of FFXIII, hold it up to the TV and yell “SEE? SEE?! THIS IS WHAT A GOOD RPG IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE!” (Via Kotaku)