The Green Lantern Cartoon Is Still Not @#$%ing Gorgeous, in Case You Were Wondering

Here’s a preview of the opening of the cartoon’s first episode. Actually, I’m not going to get into the visual aspect, because I’ve said my piece on that. But what I will say is that the opening does not get me particularly excited for the Green Lantern series, and I don’t think it would have done so if I were a kid, either. First of all, killing a generic alien Green Lantern to establish a threat is pretty much the laziest GL trope their is, and any Lantern who’s not human or one of the six accepted alien characters might as well be wearing a red shirt, because their sole purpose is to die. And do the Red Lanterns, who are powered by hate and rage, seem kind of… not-angry to you? Like, they’re mildly petulant with each other, and they aren’t a fan of Green Lanterns, obviously, but they don’t seem particularly mad about anything. Maybe they’re just saving their hate for Hal Jordan when he finally shows up. I guess I can understand that.