The Superman: Man of Steel Movie Is Going to Be So Much Hobo-ier Than Anyone Realized

On Tuesday, I posted the first picture of Russell Crowe as pop o’ Superman Jor-El from next year’s Superman: Man of Steel movie. It was notable because Crowe looked for all the world like a hobo who had drunkenly stumbled onto the Thor movie set and put on a random costume. Now, there’s some new Man of Steel pics, and… well, see for yourself:


?That’s Henry Cavill as Clark Kent — I presume, as the idea that Cavill also plays a random Metropolis homeless person in the movie seems unlikely. What the fuck is going on here? I mean, Russell Crowe just looks like a hobo in general because he doesn’t appear to care about personal grooming. But here it looks like they’re actually filming a scene about Clark Kent in Full-On Hobo Mode. Try as I might, I can’t possibly imagine how or why this scene might be in the film. Maybe — maybe Clark’s going undercover as a bum for a Daily Planet story? But that seems a very strange use of Man of Steel’s approximate 120 minute running time. Anyone has any possible clue or even just a good guess what the fuck is happening? (Via /Film)