Oh My @#$% ThinkGeek’s Making a Talking Cave Johnson Portrait


?Do you have $40, or plan to have $40 around or about December 17th? Then you’re going to need to buy the official Portal 2 Talking Cave Johnson portrait from ThinkGeek, an object so awesome I am shocked — shocked — that ThinkGeek is actually making it and not taunting us with it for April Fool’s Day. The portrait is slightly over 15×11 inches, says 13 lengthy quotes including the lemon one (you can read the whole list here) and is pretty much the greatest thing anyone can ever own. ThinkGeek says the portrait will be in stock on December 17th; I’d check this page every day from December 10th on to see if shows up, because I’m reasonably certain this thing will sell out in less than a hour after it becomes available. I don’t care how many ThinkGeek made, they didn’t make enough. Thanks to Chas for the tip.