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Three Things I Don’t Care About Becuase the New Avengers Posters Make Me So Happy



?1) The incredibly funky pose Tony Stark is in.
2) That Loki gets an “A” poster over a more-deserving hero, like Agent Coulson (or even Maria Hill. But mostly Agent Coulson).
3) That Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner looks uncannily like a seasick Edward James Olmos.

Indeed, I don’t care about any of these things, because these new Avengers posters give me an erection right in the nerdiest centers of my brain, depriving blood from all the other parts, all of which I use to bitch about things that don’t meet my nerdy expectations. If I start saying nice things about other nerd shit I normally hate for more than four hours, please, someone contact a physician for me. Or send me a clip from a Bayformers movie. That should probably do the trick.  (Via Comics Alliance)