Topless Robot Contest: Suggestion Box


First order of business: Topless Robot will be closed for business Thursday and Friday. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. TR will return to normal posting on Monday morning on November 28th. Second order of business: Check out what Topless Roboteer Helen T. made me!

Photo 24.jpg

?Yes, it’s another awesome FFF cross-stitch. Ladies (and cross-stitching gentlemen), I’m dead serious when I say I want more of these. They don’t have to be this same line; I want cross-stitches of all the FFF hits. The fact that I don’t own a “WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?!” cross-stitch yet bewilders and devastates me.

Third order of business: Although there won’t be an FFF this week, there will be a contest, and it begins right now: Tell me how to make Topless Robot better. Seriously. No jokes or anything, I really want to know what you’d like to see — and what you’d like to see changed — about TR. It can be content-wise, design-wise, you can tell me how much I suck, you can submit list and/or contest ideas… anything. What would you like to see covered more? What do you want to see covered less? Are you tired of the current TR robot? Seriously, anything goes.

Now, since the suggestions are for me, not the general TR public, and since all decent suggestions are going to be equally valid, I’m not going to be able to judge them as usual. Instead I’ll pick four random comments — random constructive comments, not just people replying to somebody — and award those people shirts. So if you’ve ever thought you weren’t creative enough or didn’t have any good nerdy tales, this is your chance.

Enter as many times as you like, obviously. The contest doesn’t end until Monday, 12:01am EST on November 28th, so you have a ton of time to enter (and hopefully that means I’ll get a lot of great suggestions). Thanks to everyone in advance for your help; I really do want to make TR better if I can. Anyways, happy Thanksgiving to everybody who cares about Thanksgiving, and everyone else just try to overeat a bit. I’ll see you guys on Monday.