Oh, Right, Joss Whedon Made a Teens-in-an-Evil-Cabin Movie

I’d totally forgotten that Joss Whedon ever produced Cabin in the Woods; the movie was filmed in ’09 and stars a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth and the second-best-part-of-Dollhouse Fran Kranz (Enver Gjokaj being the best), but now Lionsgate has finally released a trailer so I guess it’s coming out. Now, there are two things in this trailer that are going to put you off it pretty instantly — 1) it starts off looking for all the world like yet another Evil Dead clone, and 2) it boasts itself as being written by the writer of Cloverfield, even though Cloverfield was horribly written. But if you get past that, there are some significant differences between this stupid-teens-in-an-evil-cabin movie and other stupid-teens-in-an-evil-cabin movies that intrigue me, like whatever the fuck happens to that eagle. I’m genuinely curious. I’m not sure it’ll be worth watching, but I won’t totally dismiss it. Yet. (Via First Showing)