DVD Day: January 17th, 2012


?? Merlin: The Complete Third Series
Yes, this is the top-selling nerd DVD release of the week. No offense to Merlin or its fans, but that’s a sign of a slow DVD Day.

? Hetalia: World Series 1 Season 3
Hetalia is an anime about the nations of the world as represented by a variety of insane, pretty teenage boys. It’s Japanese as all hell. I watched the first couple of episodes on Netflix Instant and it made Excel Saga look like Grave of the Fireflies. Just sayin’.

? Redline
An anime movie about death-racing that I heard of once a couple of years ago and literally have not heard mentioned once until its video release today.

? Sliders: The Fifth and Final Season
When Jerry O’Connell decides he doesn’t want to return to your show, it’s seriously time to call it a day.

? Princess Resurrection Complete Collection
An anime about a princess with a chainsaw who fights various classic movie monsters. I enjoyed the manga; I’m not sure how the anime is.

? Gantz II: Perfect Answer
The oddly named sequel to the live-action Gantz movie. Anyone else weirded out about how almost everything released today is anime related?