Fan Fiction Friday: Rugrats in “not so little any more”

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?Today’s FFF, about the All Grown Up Rugrats (i.e., 15 instead of 3 or whatever the hell they were) was sent to me by Topless Roboteer Hazel C., and was written by Skyhammer. Remember how I said ComicsNix stories were like Babelfish started writing fan fic? Well, Skyhammer is like Babelfish started writing fan fic while blackout drunk.

Im not a good writer or speller,but i’ll do my best.
please in joy my frist story.

Buckle up; it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Mr.&Mrs.pickles were
come early from dinner and dance.And little drink and in the mood for
some loving.

Unbeknownst to most, Mr. and Mrs. Pickles were the originators of the sexual position known as “pickle-style.”

Hoping there little
girl angelica and susie how was spining the night,where a sleep early.
Coming in the house they were
already touch some pervate parts.

Admittedly, “pervate” is a hell of an appropriate typo.

“shh you are gone wake the girls.mrs.pickles said.
They see susie sleeping on the sofa half nalk with a
long boys shirt.they were ask why?

An excellent question.

But heard a noise coming from there duather room.


An decide to found
what at is frist.
Hearing there
duather screaming at the of her lungs,made them run super speed.
Quickly open the door got the shock of
there life.
There little sweet
angel was nake, leg spread wide open with a nake boy on top.
The boy pump and sweating on top of there

Oh, daughter. Wow. That’s… that’s not a typo. This is a person who genuinely believes “daughter” is spelled “duather.” I don’t know why this surprises me more than a person who write erotic fan fic about Rugrats, but there you go.

And there 16year old duather was yelling at the boy to not stop.
The most part of the shock how
the boy was,out of all the young men why him.
There duather yells at the door.”damn sus wait your turn
where not DO……!said.angelica gone pale.
MOM,DADDY what are you doing home?said anelica. knowing it was
dumd thing to say rigth now.

That was a pretty dumd thing for anelica to say.

“HOLY CRAP”said chuckie. as he turn round and see a shock mrs. and a
very piss drinken pickles.

Was Mrs. Pickles shocked because Chuckie was boning her daughter or because Mr. Pickles apparently started drinking urine?

shoot his load inside there little girl rigth an front them.she goes
nums all over her body.
Drew is super anger and horror at this.and his wife was shock.think
“how come drew can’t make me come that hard.

forgive my story i’ll do

No he won’t, but you’re welcome to watch him try after the jump.

Okey begin of this story,started at 3:00P.M.With angelica parents walking in her room.


“Angelica sweet heart me and your mother are gone out tonight.her father
said.”Do you want a friend to stay the night with you.said drew.still
talking to her like she was five years old.

Wait, what?

Depressed that her father refuse to see her grown up mind and body.”For
chist sacky i have boobs and ass that make all boys go goofy over.Mostly
a red head love toy she love to play with.speaking in her head.

“Okey daddy,I call susie stay the night with me.said angelica.thinking of way to release some annoying stress out.


“At 3:15P.M she call susie house,and ask her to come over.And ask her
bring some party favours too.Knowing what she truelly meaning.Can’t
beleave that she still do it.But the true was she know her answers to
her questoin.


“4:30P.M susie knocks at the door.”Hay mrs. pickles,im ready to spining
the night.said sus.”Where’s ang. hidden?Oh she up stiars.said mrs pickle

Goning up stiars seen with evil smirk on her face.know it’s gone be a long night,altough she do like lot then she’ll met.

When English teachers go to hell, they’re forced to diagram the sentences of this fan fic for all eternity.

At 5:00P.M her parents were just leave out the door.Wene her father turn
round in toll them no unknowing boys are to come over.But not know that
they had no plays to bring a strange boy to there house.

Qickly running to the phone and calling finster home.”Can i speak to
chuckie we need his help on math problem.lied ang.Hoping mrs. finster
would buy it.If she know her real plan was, she’ll never let angelica
close to her son.

“Hay finster we need your help.said ang.He was afraid it could be a

/terrible people insert Admiral Ackbar joke here

But though if her parents were there,he would be safe to go
vist.And said.Okey angelica,but no tricks.

“Oh my dear finster what kind of girl do you take me for.said.ang.with a smile at the other end of phone.

At 5:30P.M chuckie was drop off at the pickles home.The door was not
lock and walk rigth in.all ways cautose lock the door behind him.walk
around the house looking for blond girl,heard noise coming up stiars.”Oh
hell what is she up to now”!think to him self.

Gone up stiars in walking to her room.Thinking to him self.”I must be strong,brave and say “NO”!

Opening the door to a sight that turn he’s thinking opposite way.”I MUST BE WEAK,COWARD AND SAY”YES”!

Sounds like Chuckie’s having a Gollum/Smeagol moment. It might be dramatic if the Precious in this situation wasn’t fucking Angelica from Rugrats.

Inside the room two attrctive girl were in a pink silk bed.both were
dress in overwhelming pajamas choice.

FFF Band Name #28, Shockingly Non-Perverted Division: Overwhelming Pajamas

susie was wearing a man longsalf
silk shirt that let see her purple underwear.she hour glass waist,firm
brown breasts and kneeling in the bed show a great crotch shoot.

If Susie’s crotch is shooting shit, this fan fic is getting even more fucked up than I anticipated.

was dress in a pink teddy nightgown.she almost the some shape as
susie.But there some differts.Her breasts were milky white and were


She would never say it but have bigger ass then her.

Poor chunkie is overwhelm in can’t move at first.But ginnes control form
his dazy and speaks for first time come there.”YOU don’T HAve a MATh
proBLEM DO you!still don’t have control of volume.

“Sure I do, Chuckie. What do we get if you add your dick to our pussies?”

“Yes we do,what do get wene two hot horny girls want one dorky boy.said ang.with lust in her eyes.

“I don’t know,maybe if i go home get in my cul…said.chuckie.But could
not finish the sentance.He was attack by two horny lionness.

The lionesses tore Chuckie apart in front of the horrified Angelica and Susie.

“NO we can do this buy hand.said sus.on he’s right side fold him down.”You know i love to learn the hard way.rubbing his member.

“Oh,no.though chuckie.I was hoping susie could be resson.That look in
her eye toll him what feared,no resson.Mybe i can’t talk to angelica to
stop this madd….?

The evil grin toll him how plan this ambush.Giving up is his alone
option.a good navy member would tell you,if the emeny have trap and out

I’ll be the first to admit I’m pretty unfamiliar with military protocol, but I’m pretty sure it’s not standard Navy procedure to immediately give up when faced with either a trap or superior numbers. Although if it’s not standard Navy procedure to stop resisting when faced with two horny teenage girls, then it probably should be.

“Come on finster stop acting like you don’t love this.said angelica.talking like a guy through to score with purune girl.

“Purune”? Anybody? Anyone have a clue?

The girls decitie to start thing rub his member with one hand
each from both girl.angelica was first one make lip contact.No matter
how mine time she kiss him it never stop been joyfuly.Another piar of
lips were kiss his chest and gone slow down where.susie slow open his
pants with him not really pay attended.She reached in pants and found
her prize.

Wait. Angelica’s licking Chuckie’s penis before it’s out of his pants? His dick is simultaneously in and out of his pants at the same time?! CHUCKIE HAS SCHROEDINGER’S PENIS

Chuckie feel wet soft lips were on his member,gone up &down.He know
how lips belong to. A beautiful was joy the teast of his
member in her mouth.

I have no idea what the “teast” part of the penis is, but it sounds like Chuckie needs to see a doctor.

She grown to love feel and teast of boy
member.thinking to her self would having his member still slide down sus
lips.’Now i see why ang can’t leave this boy lone.”If he was my,I suck
him dry.Now running her hard nipples up and down his leg.


The boy how was shy at first,change buy move hands in differt
directoin.One hand down to susie gripen the back her head and make the
blackgoddess go faster at his commend.The other hand rip open angelica
teddy nightgown.Gripen her right breasts hard and his tumb play with
nipple ruffuly.She moans in his mouth slight pleasure.

Release his lips form angelica mouth and says.”Okey ladies you start
this game,so im here to make sure you two orgasm,spin heads beging for
more cum sults give it up.

Both feared and desire same time.”OH, THE BEAST IS BACK!said both girls.



And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven
heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.
And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet were like a
bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave
his power and his throne and great authority. One of its heads seemed
to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole
earth marveled as they followed the beast. (Revelation 13:1-18)

And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud
voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark
on his forehead or on his hand, he also will drink the wine of God’s
wrath, poured full strength into the cup of his anger, and he will be
tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in
the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up
forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers
of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”(Revelation 14:9-11)



Chuckie hold susie head to speed up her sucking.speaking in a deeper
voice.”Come on you can do better then that,my black beauthy.Force her
mouth to take a inch.

She did not fight his force commend.Knowing he would win in the end.

Tragically, I’ve had to cut out a 1,000+ world flashback here. Don’t worry, you still several thousand more words of this story to go. Some of them are even comprehensible.

Thinking back then wander how he control the beast from ravage her virgin.

mybe have to do with angelice trick.

“Hello less think more suck”.said the beast.still force her head to go up and down.



“I’l,geuss later,for now my head in game.speaking in her head.

Chuckie f. had angelica p. breast in one hand and susie c. head in the
other hand.Rubbing the blond hair girl soft,firm and silky breast with
fingers dance on it.Using the other hand, to make the raven hair girl
submit to his orel pleasure.

“Angel your fun bags feel so good to the touch.said deep voice.pulling
her down towards him.”Let’s have a taste two”.suck on the free breast.

Aw. Is there anything more romantic than when a guy calls a girl’s breasts “funbags” directly to her?

“umm..OCH!”slight yell come from a blond girl.

“DAMN IT FINSTER WACTH THE GOOFY ASS TEETH OF YOURS!yelled a sligth piss off angelica from pain.


“Oh shut your ass up,you know you like it”.said deep voice. sucking on
her breast hard than before.Using his tongue to spin around her perky
nipples and use is other hand squeezes tightly angelica fun bag.

“That not the P.o…!”could”nt speak from caressing of her breast.

The session goes througt her whole body.Her pussy come moist from
pleasure and pain.Licking her lips,grabbing his hair to hold on to her
sainty.Let in go of sus head to grab angelica ass.The touch from a hand
feeling her bottom drive the blond girl crazy with session.

Crazy with “session.” Yep.

“OH’JESUS DON’T STOP!yelled has lost of her self from pleasure.

Susie feeling left out,of the red head attend.Start to slow down her
mouth messuge on chuckie member.Feeling her mouth is not move faster in
more decide to motive ebon girl.Using his feet to rub up on wet pussy.

“NO..CHUCKIE DONN..’TT DOOO. TH..AT”!rasin her mouth off his dick.”PLEASE CH..UCKIE STOP THA”T.”!

Chuckie paid no mind to what she say.Still moving up&down her
panties, covering her black love lips.Rubbing her sensitive area made
sus forget her statment.In joying the foot rubbing her now soak
panties.She puts her breasts between his leg,slide up and down.Sus
stickes her tongue out and lick his member.

What the hell is Susie’s obsession with titfucking Chuckie’s leg? Even in comparison to the rest of this story’s insanity, that’s just weird.

He decided it’s angelica time to lick his member.Release her from his grip.She looks upset by this stop of pleasure.

“What the hell finster”?ask a mad and horny angelica.

“I would like taste of your lower lips”.said deep voice.

“Okay”said angelica.Turning her whole body around.Puting her stomach top
of chest and bottom right in his face.He waste no time,by puting his
tongue deep in to her wet pussy.A loud moan come right out of her.Her
eyes loss focuse for a second.Gaining back focuse see susie licking
member only a few inch from her.She decide to join in the free taste

“That’s rigth girls lick it like a lollopa”.said deep voice.take his out angelica pussy.

“Lick it like a Lollapalooza concert? Well, that seems esoteric, but we’ll give it a shot, I guess…”

Both girls slide there tongues up and down his dick.Stop for a mintue
when both lips touch each other.The blond and raven hair kissing each
other with chuckie member in between them.Starting to feel a explose
come cause of the two girl act of candyland game.

Candyland? Seems more like Chutes & Ladders to me.

Angelica move her hips around,to make him go faster.He licks deeper and
move his foot faster for both girls reach there orgasms.His dick squirt
all over them with cum.Both girls tensen up from the orgasms that come.

All three liad still five minuten sweating and pant.Susie the first to
get up.Next was angelica her thight still in chuckie face.Finally the
red head boy gets up and walk starigh between the girls.And warp both
around the girls waist.

“Alright my sexy fuck cats,fourplay is over with let of some real
fun”.said deep voice.immatilly grabs both girls breast tightly.both
grant&moan.Puting his head inbetween them suck on each breast one at
a time.

Tragically, I am actually a bit jealous of Chuckie getting to motorboat two girls simultaneously. 

“Okey lets get start it.”said deep voice.Pushing both girls to the bed
on there stomachs.The girls don’t say nothing and liad perfect
still.They really in joy playing submit role for chuckie.Leting him do
what avery he want to them.Knowing he will never really hurt them.

“UMM,my two favour ice cream vallina and choclade”said deep voice.Gone down on susie first,lick the wall of her love lips.

Thank god he’s not a fan of Rocky Road.

“OH,THAT TONGUE OF YOURS IT’S AM..”SMACK!”said susie.before a smack to the ass cheeck.

“Did i say you could talk when am done a taste test”. said deep voice.With strong tone to her like a father.

“No sir”.said susie.wimpering with a child voice that’s been punishon.

SMACK AGAIN.”Did’nt i say no talking.”said deep voice.Having fun playing
with her.She knows it part of game they play.In these past few months
susie growing taste for playing servent and master.She like this new
took control boy

“If your good girl i’ll get some cream for your sore butt.”said deep voice. like talking a child.She nodds her head.

He puts hand on angelica around ass.Slide two fingers in &out of wet
pussy.Make her moan from the penetration.Both yell out from pleasure
grab what ever is close.Chuckie switch side to side on them.finally
decide on done the main event.But want to try something new.

“Ladies, I think we’re finally ready. Tonight… we do it Pickle-style.”

“Alright my fuck cats,start main event with something new.”said deep
voice. with smile on his face.Both were wonder what he hade in mind.

Everybody needs to start calling their sexual partners “fuck cats” from this point on.

He picks up susie,and liades her back on to angelica back.Both girl were
wonder what was gone on.Angelica was about get up to ask was
planing,when chuckie force to liad back down.

“Let play witch hole im i gone in.”said deep voice.hold his member to sirprize the witch.

Oh, come on, Chuckie. Sure, Angelica used to treat you like shit, but that’s no reason to call Susie a wi– oh. I get it now. Never mind.

He push his dick angelica first to shock her.Push in on fast sirprize
her,not thinking she be first.Griten her teeth from pounding his give
blond.As if think could take in more he slide out in goes up on susie
pussy lips.Gone in& out of her wet lips.She sing a real high note
wene he push deeper.Her juice goes down in to angelica,mix the two.

This doesn’t sound like an exceptionally difficult game to play, Chuckie. Oh well, it’s still less stupid than Candyland.

wiggleing her ass for him.He pulls out susie goes back down to
angelica.Relentless pounds her pussy.She screams from the pound,grabbing
the bed sheets.

“NO CHUCKIE I NEED YOU!yelled susie.playing with breasts.So he pulls out
agian of angelica in slides back to susie.He lift both legs up for more
leveraga.start fucking faster then before.

“OH,OH,FUCK,OH,FUCK YOUR BEAST!scream susie.hows pussy is been fuck
mercily.His balls slap angelica on the ass.Make moan to from session.she
try to grab him by the chest.and accitled puts her nials in his chest.

See? I feel like the girls know pretty quickly what hole Chuckie is in. It’s just not much of a guessing game, is what I’m saying.

“Chuckie im sorry,are you alright?ask a worried susie.

“Im okay”said nomarl chuckie.

He decide to finsh game for now by super speed fucking.He goes in &out both with three stroke each.

Yes, there’s nothing women like more than for men to finish as fast as possible!

“YES FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT”.both girls yelled at the time.”FUCK ME LIKE
WHORE”.all three where reach there climax.They where sweating and
moaning the active.Then three of them came at the same time.Chuckie liad
in top of susie,she liad on top of angelica.His cum was drip out of
both girls.

“Let’s take few more minute brake”said angelica.catch her breath with tow people on top of her.

“Okay”said her lover.and take nap on her bed.

For some reason, reading about the Rugrats — grown up though they may be at the moment — have a nap time seems exceptionally creepy to me. Anyways, weren’t Angelica’s parents supposed to come in and bust them at some point? What the hell?

Slow opening his eyes.Chuckie look onto both side of him and saw two
beautful girls lying beside him.One was angelica pickles and the other
was susie carmicael people he knew almost all his life.The girls where
sleeping off the after glow of there sex rump.

“Sex Rump” sounds like a terrible original song from a shitty Spinal Tap tribute band.

“I still can’t believe this is happend”.thought to himself.

He just stare at both of them wonder how can he be so luck.It’s every
young man’s fantansy to have sex with a beautful girl but with two at
the same time.He sigh and relaxed think that his bad luck in life final
easy up on him.But it was’nt that easy yet.A sound come from angelica
doornoob giggling.The door open an stand there was charlotte pickles
with a look of shock.


“What in the world..”?ask mrs.pickles

“I CAN EXPLAN EVERYYHING!said chuckie pancie voice.

“”My explanation is that I just simultaneously fucked your daughter and her friend. Hey, I didn’t say it was a good explanation.”

“You can explan why your nake in my daughter bed with her and susie with
semen driping out of them”?ask mrs.pickel with eyebrow rise up.

“Um, your daughter lost a contact… in Susie’s vagina… and I was helping them look for it… with my penis?”

“While mm…”.mumble chuckie not known what to say.

“Oh’ your friend there is tell me everthing”.said mrs.pickles with a sligh smiled pointing at his croch.

“Hey, leave me out of it,” said Chuckie’s penis. “I just work here.”

In between his legs chuckie member was stand stright up.Right in front of the girl mother who he had incrouse with moment ago.

“What in the hell”?said chuckie worried that he had erect right now.

“Hmm.”.said mrs.pickles closing the door behide her.

She looks at him like her daugther does when she has lust in her
eyes.Chuckie became very uneasy about the stich his in.Mrs.pickles was
wearing a busuiness power suit with a low mine skirt.She walks towards
chuckie swing her hipps around.Stop at the foot of the bed and look down
at the nervouse boy.Say chuckie was terrorifed was puting at
loosely.One part of him wanted to tell her what or you doing.And the
othere part wanted to keep stare at her perfect form breast,waist,legs
and ass.Before he could say anything she binds down to his crouch
showing her open shirt revealing clavage.

“Well this wont do young man”.said mrs.pickles look at his penis.”It is rude to have erecting in front of lady.

Isn’t also rude to try and have sex with your daughter’s sexual partner immediately after they had intercourse and in the same room where your daughter, who’s still leaking semen from said intercourse, lies naked and asleep? Because that actually seems more rude to me.

“I’m sorry ma”.said chuckie try to spoke politely.

“I’m sorry ma wont stop that thing from sticking up in my face”.said mrs.pickles inches way from his cock.

“Please ma,this is embarassing”.said the red face boy.

It look like she open her mouth to say something but better use for
it.Her mouth inhale his balls in one gulp.Her arms warp around both of
his legs for more lavarge.Pull her head back and forward with his sack
still in charlotte mouth.

“”.moan chuckie from his sack been pull.

“Ow. M. Y. Gg. Oo. Number sign,” moaned Chuckie.

She never slow down pull his sack.Her lips where moist and soft like
angelica.Mrs.pickel finally let go of his balls and aim for chuckie
cock.Taking off her business jacket and shirt leave only charlotte bra.
Swollow gently at first then move more roughly with twice the speed of
angelica or susie.Chuckie found out she was a pro at this special

“Please mrs.pickles we should’nt be doing this in your daugther bedroom”.said chuckie finailly foundy his voice to protest.

Her eyes look up at the boy with burning anger.Her teeth tight a little
bit around his cock cause him moan in pain and pleasure.Mrs.pickles arms
let go of his legs lift her head from his harding cock.Saliva dripping
from her mouth to his cock.

“Okay,but you can fuck my daugther and her friend in my house but not me”?ask annoy woman.

“Can we just not do it half a foot from where she’s sleeping, please?”

“Well”.said chuckie.

“Well nothing young man”.said mrs.pickel in a serious voice.

She unloosing her one ponytail and let it fell loose.Pulling up her
skirt charlotte clime on top of his member and lower her self onto
chuckie cock.He couldn’t believe how almost like her and daugther pussy
feels the same.But her was not tight as angelica lower lips walls.She
was riding him like a bull then slow down and look him in the face.

“So how does..i.t fee..l to..fuck the mo..ther of the girl you.l..ovee”?ask mrs.pickles breath patting.

“If I had to describe it in a single word, I guess I’d say ‘oedipal.'”

“What”?said chuckie shock about what she said.

“Come off it,I seen you for years hanging around after all the abuse she
put you through”.said mrs.pickel”She pushy,selfess,arrogent,liar and be
mean to you all your life”.

“She not that bad mr.pickel..oww”.said chuckie before he feel walls tighting.

It’s amazing how generous amounts of oral sex and threesomes can increase your capacity for forgiveness.

“First you call me charlotte while where screwing”!said charlotte with
serious voice again.”Secondly don’t tell me what I know about my
daugther been a bitch”.

“Mrs..I mean charlotte be careful not to wake them and don’t call her
that”.said chuckie slight anger at her coment thursting his hipps

Yes, it sure would be awkward for Angelica to hear her mother calling her a bitch when HER MOM IS FUCKING HER CHILDHOOD FRIEND AND LOVER LESS THAN A FOOT AWAY

“But she is a bitc…EWW”!said charlotte before been stop by two hands grabing her butt cheeks roughly.

Chuckie started forcing himself onto her harder and faster.Her head whip
back let out a little scream.He lift his tourst striaght up to her
breast.And starts talking to her into a deep anger voice.

“I toll you about say that”.said deep voice chuckie.”Like you know her at all.”

“Yes I do,I give birth to her after all”.said charlotte.

“And that’s all you did for her”.said deep voice.”You don’t pay
attention to her unless it’s something importion that will get you off
your business cell phone”.And your husband just give her items then to
talk to her like a person”.Did you know she was almost kiddnipe last
year by someone off the internet”.

maximus contempt disgust 2.jpg

?Really, Skyhammer? 4,000 words of horribly written Rugrats sex and now you’re going to shoehorn in Chuckie defending Angelica’s honor WHILE HE’S FUCKING HER MOM? Fuck you.

“WHAT”!ask charlotte sound scrady for daughter who was still not a wake.

“But I take care of it myself”.said deep voice proudly”Yes I know more
then anybody how she acts”.She does it to get attention from anyone for
she wont feel lonely”.Angelica has a good heart,smart,beautfuly know’s
how to spoke her mind”.Yes she pushy because she up front and make’s up
half true to make people lesson to her”.

“On the other hand, you’ve emotionally damaged her to the point where she tries to win affection through constant, ever more degrading sex acts, so in that respect I should probably say thanks.”

“ lik.e.her”.ask charlotte moaning into his ear.

“Yes”.ansrew deep voice still pumping way into her.

“Do you.aww’.care.oh’..about her”?ask charlotte.

“Course I..oh’.do”.said deep voice who starting to sound more like normal chuckie.

Protip: Declarations of love go over slightly better when they’re not said while fucking other people.

“'”?ask the woman who was now feel her orgasm close at hand.

“YES..EWWWW”!said deep voice before hitting his blast off time.His voice
come back normal him and the woman who legs are spread between him were
pouting.Sweat drip was driping from there bodys both not moving for a
mintune.She move both of her hand to his face and lift it up to look at
her and says.

“Then why don’t you tell her”?ask charlotte who voice sound little like someone else.

“Why don’t you ask me”?said a voice beside him.

He looks side inbetween charlotte hands and see angelica smile at
him.Her smile was more then a like or lover grin.It was someone who was
in love.He feel a little nervous with the way she look at him.Then she
spoke again to him.

Okay. This is super dumb even by FFF standards.

“What are you afraid of,I going call you a dorky four eye geek”?ask
angelica giggling.”Because you are but that’s not why I give you my

“Look, I’m trying to have a serious conversation about my feelings with you. Do you mind taking your dick out of my mom?”


Comes from the bedroom door with a anger father and husband.He holds a
shootgun and looks at his wife,daugther and a black girl in bed with a
nake red head scrady boy.There was know way he could tell him that it’s
not what it looks like because it is.

“Chuckie C.Finsters is that my wife,daugther and susie have your semen inbetween there legs”?ask a very piss off Mr.pickel.

“Um… no? They’re just prostitutes who look like your wife and daughter that I hired to have sex with in your house. Are you buying any of this, sir?”

“These is not happend to me”!thought chuckie to himself.

He look at shootgun in the anger man hands.Afraid it might be his last
day on earth he decide to anrsews angelica early question before the
end.But was stop by three women.

“Drew you can’t hurt the father of your grandchild”.said charlotte pointing to angelica.

“What”!yelled both man.

“Hold up, no one going hurt my baby’s daddy”.said susie make a surprise vist from the bed.

Looks like someone’s going to be having a shootgun wedding!

Chuckie now saw angelica stomach swollow like 9months pregnant.He turns
to his othere side and see susie belly stick out too.The start to
tremble in fear about been a teenage father with two girls.


Then almost
has a hearttack by charlotte belly was the same as both girls.That’s
when he heard a click sound coming from a shootgun.


“EWWW..”!scream chuckie waking up from dream or nightmare.


His eye shoot right open to see susie hold him with legs warp around
him.Chuckie wonders what’s going on.He thought he was a father to be
from three women and killed by mr.pickles.Now having sex with susie same
way he was with charlotte. Then quickly caught on to what was
happening.Susie gives a devilish smile like she did something wicked and

“What the hell happend in here”?ask angelica run from the bathroom.

An incredibly stupid, obnoxious fan fic, that’s what happened here. There’s more, but it’s all Chuckie and Susie talking about Chuckie’s feeling for Angelica, and if Angelica reciprocates them, and I’m far too bitter to spend time riffing another 1,000 words of infuriating romantic bullshit shoehorned into this story about about three cartoon characters fucking each other. If you want to read it, or the flashback I skipped, or another, even more obnoxious flashback to a year before the threesome you just read about, head here. I’ll be here, seeing if I have enough gin to fill a bucket and drown myself.