Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Hello Kitty Dental Clinic


?From Anime News Network:

A Hello Kitty-themed dental clinic opened in Tokyo’s Koto ward on Friday. The Hearts Dental Clinic features Hello Kitty imagery in every aspect, from the reception desk to the waiting room and the examination rooms.

The outside of the clinic is decorated in pink with an illustration of Hello Kitty wearing a nurse’s hat. The dental office has three different rooms for patients: Kitty Pearl (used to discuss symptoms and treatment plans), Kitty Ruby (used for the actual dental treatments), and Kitty Diamond (used for implants and special treatments).

My god. So finally having conquered the world of merchandise, Hello Kitty has decided to put her adorable little paw in the service industry, eh? Well, fine. I look forward to Hello Kitty grocery stores where all the fruits and vegetables are pink and Hello Kitty gas stations where the gas is pink and Hello Kitty massage parlors where… actually, Japan probably already has Hello Kitty massage parlors. You know what the best part of the Hello Kitty Dental Clinic is, though? HELLO KITTY DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A MOUTH.