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TR Contest: Nerdy Yo Momma-Thon


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?So I guess the TR Art Contest is going to be extended another week, whi– huh? What? The art contest is finally over? Whew! Sorry about that, folks who do not “art.” I wanted to make it up to you this week with a contest truly anyone can do as enter as they’re 1) witty and 2) mean-spirited, which seem to be the main two requirement to be a Topless Roboteer anyways.

The contest, as brilliantly suggested by DerThunder, has been a long time coming — a nerdy  “Yo Momma” competition. I’m not talking about “Yo momma so nerdy,” of course, but the standard “Yo momma”-ism of fat, ugly, stupid, etc, but with nerdy punchlines. E.g.:

? “Yo momma so fat it took Han Solo more than 24 parsecs to get through her!”
? “Yo momma so ugly she made the spirit in the Ark of the Covenant go and hide!”
? “Yo momma so stupid, she ate a pot brownie in the middle of the day at a crowded major university, all while she was supposed to be visiting her son!”

And so on. Now, this week’s contest will be sponsored by T-Shirts.com, and their extensive collection of nerdy shirts (and non-nerdy, too!). They’re giving away six shirts to the six people most disrespectful to other people’s mommas, so now is not the time to be diplomatic.

Now, TR will be off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, so the contest ends at 12:01 am EST, Tuesday, on January 16th, Everybody can enter five times over those three and a half days, so I expect some very upset mommas up in here. Don’t forget to check out T-Shirts.com and their wares, so you know what you can get if you win! Otherwise, have a good weekend, folks — and if you see any robots, boxing or otherwise, do not leave it alone with your child.