Dan Aykroyd Has Lost His @#$%ing Mind



?That’s the news. That Dan Aykroyd has lost his fucking mind. The news is not that Dan Aykroyd just said out loud that he plans to recast the role of Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters 3, because 1) Ghostbusters 3 is never going to fucking happen and 2) even if it did I refuse to believe the studio financing such a product would allow a non-Bill Murray Venkman to happen, let alone Harold Ramis, and 3) even if it did happen no one would see the movie, not a single soul, so it would be like the film didn’t exist anyways. Seriously, I didn’t think making Venkman a ghost or just having him absent was a good idea, but they’re goddamned brilliant compared to recasting Bill Murray.

If it’s any consolation, Aykroyd also said he’s going to bring Rick Moranis out of retirement, which I think is even less likely to happen. The man has concept of what’s possible and impossible any more. I fully expect him to announce John Belushi is joining the cast next, and not even as a ghost. (Via Coming Soon)