DC Finally Closes Power Girl’s Boob Window


?When Power Girl enters the DCnU later this year, she’s going to feel a little less of a draft. Above the PG’s redesigned outfit, which finally closes her infamous “boob window.” Now, first and foremost, the new costume is terrible. Every time I stop looking directly at it, I instantly forget what it looks like, which I would say is a bad sign. However, it’s very hard for me to get worked up about seeing less of Power Girl’s tits, if only because that’s instantly a losing argument.

DC Fan: Bring back Power Girl’s old costume!
DC: Why?
DC Fan: ….because I like boobs?
DC: Pervert.
DC Fan: Okay, okay… it’s because her new costume sucks.
DC: Then we’ll just give her a new costume.
DC Fan: No! I want the old one!
DC: Why?
DC Fan: …because I like boobs?
DC: Pervert.