Nintendo News Trifecta: Holy @#$%, Is Nintendo Making a New Game?

? By which I mean a new new game? A new gaming IP that doesn’t star any previously established Nintendo characters, that isn’t a retread of an older game, and is an honest-to-god game instead of a Nintendogs-esque sim or Brain Age-style trivia game? The answer is yes, and that game is Dillon’s Rolling Western. It’s just a downloadable 3DS game, but as tipper SlyDante points out, this might be Nintendo’s first new real game in about a decade. Worth mentioning.

? Meanwhile, Bandai Namco, Capcom and Sega are teaming up for some kind of Nintendo project. No one knows what the hell it is. I plan to be very excited about it until it’s inevitably revealed it’s some kind of Japanese resource management dating sim set in a convenience store or something that will never come to America. (Via GameSpot)

? The Wii RPG The Last Story, made by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, will finally be coming to North America this year. I’d make my traditional joke about dusting off your Wiis, but I think it’s more likely you’ll have to take them out of storage at this point.