Avengers: Earth’s Mind-Blowingly Awesomest Heroes

It’s fair to say I’m somewhat excited about the live-action Avengers movie. Yet, I would throw it away in a heartbeat if I could procure six seasons and a movie for the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon, assuming it kept the same quality as the first season. No kidding, it’s my favorite version of the Avengers as a group (and most of them individually, especially Wasp, Ant-Man and Hulk), so this new trailer for season has pushed me past erotic lust and now I want to marry this cartoon, provide for it, and remain faithful to it for the rest of our lives. For fuck’s sake, Ms. Marvel! Vision! A witch-like woman in scarlet who may or may not be the Scarlet Witch! The Fantastic Four! Doctor Doom! Kree! Skrulls! More Kang! Surtur! Why, the whole things so incredibly awesome than I’m not even vomiting in horror and disgust that the fucking Red Hulk appears to make an appearance; and if that doesn’t indicate how awesome I think Avengers: EMH is, nothing does.

You know, if I go to heaven — which is unlikely on about 100 different levels — there’s going to be a Saturday morning cartoon block of Avengers: EMH, a full Super Best Friends Forever show, a Transformers Kre-O stop-motion animated series, and an animated version of the Masters of the Universe that exists purely in my head. I —

…okay, now I totally turned myself on.