There’s Another New Legend of Korra Clip, You Gotta Deal with It

Alas, this new clip from the Last Airbender sequel cartoon doesn’t involve roly-poly, totally awesome lil’ Korra. It does show regular Korra playing pro bending with her team The Fire Ferrets, all of which sounds kinda goofy but seems to work out reasonably well in the show. I wonder, though, if airbending is forbidden because it could be used to knock opponents off their spots so easily, or if airbenders are just still in short supply. Also, I would think having an Avatar on the team — someone who can bend more than one element — is kind of the pro-bending equivalent of having ’87 Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson. Even if she just sticks to water-bending, which she seems to do in the clip, I can’t help but think she’s effectively playing with the cheat codes on. Thanks to Abraxas for the tip. (Via Korra Nation)