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TR Contest Special: Best Crossovers That Never Happened, Sponsored by 604 Republic


astaroids main_01.jpg

?The contest: We’ve all imagined a crossover or two in our day, whether we’ve been squealing with delight that the Doctor is hopping aboard the Enterprise in an upcoming IDW comic or just teaming Man-at-Arms and Panthro figures as kids. Well, this contest is for you to name those crossovers and team-ups that haven’t happened yet, but should.

The sponsor: 604 Republic, makers of find nerd shirts like the one above. They’ve been awesome enough to award five winners the t-shirt of their choice!

The rules: Three entries per person. Feel free to summarize a bit of the adventure you think the crossover/team-up should be about, although it’s not strictly necessary. There’s no restrictions in subject matter — comic characters can join videogame characters, videogame characters can join anime characters, anime characters can join TV series characters, whatever. Winners will be judged on awesomeness and/or hilarity, specifically my interpretation of awesomeness and/or hilarity, which doesn’t necessarily have any recognizable relation to popular interpretations of awesomeness and/or hilarity. The contest ends on Monday, March the 12th, at 12:01 am EST.

And that’s that. Much, much thanks to the awesome folks of 604 Republic for sponsoring this weekend’s contest, and for offering so many prizes, too! You kids have a great weekend, and please, avoid rail travel on any train with a face on it.