UK Prometheus Trailer > US Prometheus Trailer

As I remain oddly unaffected by Ridley Scott’s ever-more-Alien-prequel-looking non-Alien prequel Prometheus, I figured I’d spend my time discussing the two trailers for the movie that came out this weekend, one for audiences in the U.K. and one for the U.S. The U.K. trailer is above, as it’s the much better one, and the U.S. one is after the jump. They’re actually quite similar, except the U.S. has more explosions, more people screaming at each other, spoils more of the movie’s story, and includes 100% more BRAAAAAAHHHMMs than the U.K. one. But that stands to reason. Americans can’t even tell if it’s a movie anymore if it doesn’t make the BRAAAAAAHHHMM noise. Honestly, until the BRAAAAAAHHHMM noise came on, I thought the trailer might be a commercial, a computer virus, or even some kind of digital hamburger.