Fringe Is Ending One Way or Another (Literally)



Fringe still hasn’t been renewed for a fifth season yet, and as time goes by, the chances of it returning are looking less and less likely. That sucks, because Fringe is actually pretty great. At least the producers have hedged their bets by shooting two different endings for the final season 4 episode; one that sets up season 5 if they get picked up, and one that wraps up the series if it doesn’t. I appreciate the effort, but I actually don’t think ending on a cliffhanger would make me any more sorry to see it go. Don’t forget, this Friday’s episode is the one where the Fringe team fights the Observers who have taken over the planet for some insane reason. If that plot summary sounds ridiculous and confusing to you, I promise you it’s just as crazy to us regular viewers — and that’s exactly what we love about the show.