I’m Beginning How Doubt How “Amazing” the Amazing Spider-Man Movie Will Really Be

Japan got a new Amazing Spider-Man trailer, and what’s really amazing about it is that it shows a great deal of new footage, but somehow… doesn’t. I mean, all the scenes we’ve already seen are there — the fire escape, dinner with the Stacys, hassling the crooks, escaping the cops, meeting Dr. Connors, the building thingie falling down — so most of the new shots are of things like Aunt May worriedly asking Peter where he goes at night and Andrew Garfield looking concernedly off to the side of the camera. The trailer somehow manages to be action-packed and kind of dull at the same time. Which is kind of amazing in and of itself, I guess.

My problem with the Amazing Spider-Man is that, other than a few clips, it just doesn’t look very fun. It looks well done, but there’s nothing really in any of the trailers or clips that make me go “Goddamn, I need to see this!” It’s the same problem I have with The Dark Knight Rises, really. Meanwhile, basically every trailer and clip from Avengers has been fat-packed with fun/awesome, and I don’t think it’s just because I’m an Avengers fanboy. I mean, based on the comments here, everyone agrees that the Avengers promotional material has made the movie look awesome pretty consistently, and yet when I post Spidey and DKR things, people say they’re excited for the movie, but not because of anything in the trailers. Right? Am I making shit up here? Or does Avengers just look so goddamned fun that all the other comic movies are suffering in comparison?