But Where’s the Dancing Dumbledore Minigame?

Looks like Harry Potter and pals are coming to the Xbox Kinect. The trailer above shows some Wizard duels, a bit of Quidditch, troll-taunting, rail-riding, and some other junk, but let’s talk about the dead owl in the room — the ability to play as “yourself” in the game. Now, when I say “yourself” I obviously mean “a terrifying, puffy, digital representation of yourself as poorly calculated by the Kinect in which your face stays frozen in a grim rictus of death.” And that’s if you happen to be a Hogwarts age-appropriate girl or boy; if you’re, say, a 35-year-old nerd blogger with splotchy facial hair, I imagine the effect is even more terrifying. I didn’t think the Kinect could get more disturbing than the Star Wars dancing nonsense, but Harry Potter Kinect may have it beat.