Everybody in Comics Is Catching the Gays


As you may have heard, Marvel announced that longtime gay superhero Northstar will be getting gay-married in tomorrow’s extra-gay issue of Astonishingly Gay X-Men. They announced this on The View, the ladies’ talk show with Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters, which is infinitely more interesting than the actual event. Meanwhile, DC has announced that one of their characters who is yet to be reintroduced to the DCnU in June will now suddenly be gayballs; this character will not be top-tier — so no Batman-level or anything — but major enough for DC to mention to every website that will listen multiple times this week. Oh, and DC president Dan Didio only said “a character” was going to be gay, which means it’s not necessarily a hero. For the record, Before Watchmen starts in June; so it could technically be Rorschach, which would probably finally drive Alan Moore to murder. So fingers crossed there.

I’m actually more annoyed that Marvel and DC are milking their ever-so-slow descent into sexual equality for all the publicity they can get; I mean, I don’t blame them, but it’ll be nice when comic characters can be homosexual and it not be the subject of a month-long publicity campaign. Of course, the best part is that Marvel and DC, the two biggest American comic companies, are still desperately trying to catch up to Archie. Keep reaching for the stars, guys! One day you’ll get there! (Via Comic Book Resources)