Geek Apparel of the Week: Crowley’s Inn, United Underworld, Pixellated Heroines


? This is a Supernatural shirt I don’t understand. I like the design, though. It’s $10 at Ript for the rest of the day.


? This shirt is inspired by Batman — the ’66 Batman movie, to be specific. It’s ?18 at Last Exit to Nowhere, which is a lot, but when you think about how few Batman ’66 shirts there that don’t make some kind of overt “shark-repellant” gag, it’s kind of worth it.

pixel heroines.jpg

? And in We Love Fine news, the company has released not one but two shirts of pixellated heroines: one of the ladies of ’80s cartoons and one of popular anime girls. This means one shirt has my beloved She-Ra on it, and one shirt has my even more beloved Lum from Urusei Yatsura on it. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. They’re both $25.