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Incredibly Awesome Nerd Music Bifecta: Dethlehem and Adam WarRock


? If you watch only one music video by a Dungeons & Dragons/RPG-inspired death metal band, please, for the love of all that’s holy (or unholy, I guess), make it Dethlehem. If the video, which is all about some evil dude killing enough people to make a “circle of death” doesn’t grab, hopefully the fact that they’ve got a Black Knight and drums and a Necromancer on bass will.

? Adam WarRock did a Game of Thrones song called “When the Winter Comes”? FUCK AND YES. This is probably my favor WarRock joint so far. Although you know, you could probably put that Syrio Forel clip in front of a Justin Bieber song and it would still look totally badass.