Please Note There Are Two Avengers Bonus Scenes (Spoilers)


If you’re seeing the Avengers movie tonight, tomorrow, Friday, or really anytime, you need to know that the bonus scene in the middle of the credits is not the only bonus scene in the movie. Besides the mid-credits scene (the contents of which were HUGE SPOILER WARNING revealed here), there’s another scene after the credits, too, which has been recently added and was apparently not included in the earlier international releases. So you need to sit your ass down until after the credit stop rolling. Also, TAKE THAT, FOREIGN PEOPLE. YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SO HIGH AND MIGHTY GETTING AVENGERS EARLY? U-S-A! U-S-A!

You can find out what the second bonus scene is (although I don’t recommend it, seeing as the movie comes out in less than two days) after the NOT AS HUGE SPOILER WARNING jump.

So in the Thanos cameo runs in the middle of the credits. If you stick around through the credits, you’re treated to a triumphant scene of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Black Widow all sitting around a table in a dingy restaurant silently eating together. Essential? No. Exciting? Not particularly. Funny as shit? Veyr much so.