Prometheus Can Stop Giving Mankind Fire Now, Seriously

It you’re one of the few people who have said to yourself, “Boy, I liked the approximately 38 minutes worth of Prometheus footage I’ve seen in the movie’s countless trailers and TV sports, which have almost certainly revealed every single plot point in the film, but I could use just a few more seconds of footage to make up my mind about the movie,” today is your lucky day. Here’s a new trailer with a better (albeit brief) look at the Space Jockey. In ancient Greek myth, Prometheus gave mankind fire and was then chained to a rock so an eagle could eat his liver every day (it grew back) for breaking Zeus’ law. Has anyone ever considered that maybe mankind did it to him, because after he gave us fire he wouldn’t stop trying to give it to us? 

In summary, I think we should make an eagle eat Ridley Scott’s liver. It’s the only thing that makes sense anymore.