The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition Includes Everything But… Uh… Street Fighter


In honor of the original Street Fighter game’s 25th anniversary (sidenote: It’s been 21 years since Street Fighter II came out, meaning if you played it at an arcade you’re officially old as shit), Capcom is releasing a truly impressive collector’s set. $150 will get you…

? Street Fighter X Tekken (including all character and Swap Costume DLC)
? Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (with all costume DLC)
? Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
? Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

? New documentary Blu-ray that highlights the lifelong love affair fans have had with Street Fighter, and how their dedication has affected the game.
? Street Fighter IV, Super SFIV anime movies
? All episodes of the Street Fighter animated series
? Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Light-up Ryu statue
? Brand new statue with light up base. Eight inches tall and frozen in mid Shoryuken.

11 disc soundtrack
? Game music from the past 25 years, including remixes and fan-created music.

64 page hardcover art book
? Containing pieces from fans all over the world. 

Ryu’s belt
? Full size martial arts black belt for the aspiring World Warrior. Includes Ryu’s “Furinkazan” in kanji.
That’s a hell of a lot of stuff, especially for only $150 — you can pre-order it here while supplies last. But do you notice anything missing here? You know, like the original Street Fighter game? the one that actually has its 25th anniversary this year? Come on, Capcom. You were so close to doing this right! Thanks to John M. for the tip.