Death Comes to Jeor Mormont’s Church

I’m really, really excited about Darksiders II — as I learned in the original, I don’t care so much about decent character designs when I get to shoot angels with a magic bazooka — but this “Last Sermon” promo for the game isn’t doing anything for me. Sure, it’s expensive, and stars Game of Thrones‘ James Cosmo (who plays Jeor “Old Bear” Mormont, Commander of the Knight’s Watch), but it takes Darksiders way too seriously. I mean, the game works in that it’s about Death, who has long hair, no mouth, no shirt, big spiked kneepads, and two ridiculously gigantic tonfa-sword-things. It’s exactly what a nerdy 12-year-old boy takes seriously when he draw a “bitchin’ Death” on his Trapper Keeper. No need to add respected actors like Cosmo or throw around Revelations quotes better said by Johnny Cash into the mix. Think of it this way — imagine Cosmo shaking hands with Death as he’s designed in Darksiders II. Embarrassing for everyone, isn’t it?