First Look at El Caballero Oscuro Vuelve

Skip ahead to about 11:54 of this 12:37-long preview for DC’s animated Dark Knight Returns direct-to-DVD animation (complete with Spanish subtitles!) and you’ll get to see about 10 seconds of the animation. Watch the 12 minutes preceding that 10 seconds of animation, though, and you’ll get a few character designs, a lot of voice work, a shit-ton of panels from Frank Miller’s original comics, and a lot of talking heads talking about how great and seminal DKR was while trying to not avoid mentioning that modern Frank Miller has lost his mind.

Listening to the voice work, I’m wondering if Frank Miller’s dialogue — especially the Mutants — is going to be too ridiculous to work when spoken out loud (see also The Spirit). Also, I’m a little worried that Peter Weller sounds a bit too… neutral for the raving Clint Eastwood-type Batman is supposed to be in this, but I’m withholding judgment. I don’t know. Something about this whole thing seems off to me, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Other than it no longer being the ’80s, I mean.