Movie Rumor Trifecta: Avengers, Robocop, Total Recall


Things that are not necessarily true but might be at some point in the future!


? Although Joss Whedon has previously said that Avengers has no director’s cut, and that he doesn’t even like director’s cuts, there are rumbling that Marvel is going to release a director’s cut of Avengers — with 30 or so extra minutes of footage — sometime this fall. This will partially be to promote the DVD and Blu-ray release, but mostly to see if they can push Avengers‘ box office past James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar. Avengers would have to double its worldwide gross to beat Avatar internationally, but it’s a mere $190 million away domestic, so maybe it has a chance there. I approve of this mightily.
? This isn’t a rumor exactly, but it it’s for sure yet; House‘s Hugh Laurie is in talks to play the evil Omni Corp. CEO in the Robocop remake. Two thought about this: 1) he better be named Dick Jones, and 2) despite the fact he was on House for like eight seasons, I’ll always know him from his Black Adder and Jeeves & Wooster comedies, and I’m never not surprised to see him take serious roles. That’s all. (Via First Showing)
? This is more a spoiler than a rumor, but it’s about the Total Recall remake, so who gives a shit. Apparently Quaid doesn’t just change his memory, but also his face — apparently he’ll be played by Ethan Hawke in some flashbacks or something. I could not have any less feelings about this. (Via io9)