Videogame Trifecta: Mass Effect 3, the 3DS XL, Valve + Adult Swim?

? The expanded Mass Effect 3 ending DLC arrives on June 26th. It’s nearly 2 gig. I’m sure it will address everybody’s issues, and we’ll never need to bring it up again.

? Nintendo is releasing a larger version of the 3DS, called the 3DS XL, on August 19th. I can bitch about Nintendo all I want, but they know what they’re doing for handhelds: release the first one, then release a smaller version because the original is too big and clunky, and/or release a much bigger version because the small one is too small and awkward. And people buy all of ’em! Brilliant. (Via Gamma Squad)
? Valve and Adult Swim are doing… something. They say they’re announcing a project next week, which appears to have something to do with Team Fortress 2. Are — are they going to make a Team Fortress 2 cartoon? If so, between that and Black Dynamite, I’ll finally forgive them for not making any more Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. (Via Kotaku)