Who Watches the Watch Dogs? Everybody, That’s Who

Barring any surprises, everyone knows what the game of E3 2012 is already. It’s Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft. Watch this 9-minute gameplay trailer — yes, almost all of this is gameplay — and you will know why everyone says it’s the game of the show, and you’ll agree. The Grand Theft Auto-meets-all the hacking you could ever possibly want is insane enough, but then you look at the graphics. The way the wind blows the trash around! The amount of people! They way they’re all doing different things, yet move naturally, and move naturally together! The way the rain fals from the gutters in different amounts! I can barely believe its coming out for Xbox 360 and PS3. Look, there’s nothing I can do to adequately describe the awesomeness of this game, so please, if you watch one video on TR today, make it this. I’ll be shocked if you’re not impressed. Infinite thanks to SlyDante for the tip.