You Will Believe a Man Can Fight a Broken Beer Bottle-Wielding, Nazi Pterodactyl Man Wearing Slacks

I have been a terrible nerd blogger — no, I don’t mean in general — yes, I know I have a lot of typos — okay, maybe the site isn’t quite as good as it used to be — I’ve been under a bit of personal stress recently — WHY ARE YOU BEING SO MEAN — because I did not alert you to the existence of Danger 5 as soon as humanly possible. It’s made by the geniuses behind Italian Spider-Man and Super Dingo, and it’s worth watching every single one of its 25 minutes — I mean, if you don’t want to keep watching after aforementioned broken beer bottle-wielding, slacks-wearing, sexual assault happy, evil Nazi pterodactyl-man in slacks fight, then you simply hate entertainment, genius, and joy. There are five other episodes, and I’m off to watch them all (seriously, Chris is running this weekend’s contest, if only to avoid a repeat of last time). Infinite thanks to Mike B. and everyone else who sent in the tip. Have a great weekend, folks! Remember, keep your friends close and your rubber bands closer!