Someone Wants to Turn Detroit Into a Zombie Theme Park

Admittedly, he doesn’t want to turn all of Detroit into a zombie theme park, just one of Detroit’s many, many abandoned and decaying neighborhoods. As you can see from the presentation about, Z World Detroit would be an overnight experience where you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. It sounds awesome, but I doubt it’ll ever happen. Any Detroit politician who approved this thing would be seen as admitting that Detroit is essentially the zombie apocalypse minus the zombies, and be lambasted for it — never mind that Detroit has already abandoned these places anyways. And if the park did get built, I would imagine it would be a matter of days before one of the dilapidated buildings caved in or fell apart or basically just hurt or killed somebody, which would shut everything down immediately. I mean, these buildings look perfect for the part, but the same thing that makes them perfect makes them structurally unsound. You’d seriously have rebuild every single structure to be safe while looking like it might fall apart at any time. And then you’d have to get rid of all the broken glass, rusty nails, and basically every sharp edge that’s a massive lawsuit waiting to happen. Sorry, nerds of Detroit. You’d be better off just getting real zombies. Thanks to Glenn D. for the tip. (Via Daily Mail)