Super Terrific Japanese Thing: MS-186H-CA Auris Hatchback

Hello Kitty isn’t the only Japanese animated icon to inspire an entire car. Char Aznable, beloved non-hero of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series (and many of its Universal Century-set sequels) has received a tribute in the form of the MS-186H-CA Auris hatchback, complete in Char’s red Zaku color, with a Zaku-inspired antenna, light-up Principality of Zeon logos on the front and back, and non-light-up Zeon logos on the ignition, rims, and steering wheel. It looks pretty sweet, although I imagine it will be pretty expensive whenever it gets released. Although I find a car an odd bit of merchandise for an anime character whose best-known accomplishment is dropping a space colony on Earth. I mean, basically, it’s still ramming a large hunk of machinery into a populated area. You’d think some fans might get the wrong idea. (Via Anime News Network)