The Walking Dead, Before the Walking

Although The Walking Dead certainly picked up in the second half of season 2, I don’t think anyone is dying (hyuk!) for any new scrap of information or behind-the-scenes videos like they are for Game of Thrones. I’m certainly not, and I enjoy WD a great deal. But this look at the show’s zombie factory is interesting, if not just to see how a lot of the shambling corpses are made, but because a lot of the zombies look… well, terrible, and not in a “decomposing” kind of way. no, more like a “prop in a haunted house in a second-tier amusement park” kind of way. And yet, the zombies invariably end up looking great on TV. They look great milling about, they look great chasing after idiot boys who refuse to stay in the house, and they look great when they get their skulls smashed in. I don’t know at what point in the process Tinkerbell comes down and sprinkles her magic fairy dust to transform these things from goofy to terrifying, but somebody’s doing something right. (Via Blastr)