TR Contest Special: Nerd Incorporated, Sponsored by Arcane Movie Tees (Updated)


UPDATE: Arcane has been kind enough to offer Topless Roboteers an insane 20% off all their products! Enter the code TR20 and get shoppin’!

I’ve featured Arcane Movie Tees’… uh… movie tees several times on Topless Robot, because they’re generally pretty awesome. They’re an excellent mix of company logos and movie-inspired designs; exactly my favorite type of nerd apparel, so I’m delighted that they’ve consented to sponsor another TR contest. The three winners of this weekend’s will each receive their choice of any of Arcane’s wide selection of t-shirts, which you can (and should!) peruse here.

Inspired by those aforementioned company logo shirts — and especially the Arcane-imagined ones like the Kaneda’s Motorcycle Customization shirt design above — I’ve decided this week you guys need to make up your own companies for your favorite characters and series. I.e., if such-and-such character decided to go into business, what would he/she/it/they do, and what would they be called? For example:
? Sansa Stark’s Lemon Cake Emporium
? Nick Fury, World’s Finest Samuel L. Jackson Impersonations
? Squall Leonheart: Motivational Speaking Seminars
And so on. Yes, you can say things like He-Man’s Gym or Optimus Prime Moving Company, but extra points will be given for originality, creativity, irony, and mean-spiritedness. You can enter as many times as you want; the contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, August 20th. Much thanks to Arcane for sponsoring the contest! Have a good weekend, folks! Remember, if you steal Batman’s stuff and he asks for it back, just refuse! He’ll give up in like a minute or two.