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DVD Day: October 23rd, 2012


Before we start with the day’s releases proper, let me take a moment to help pimp two works by your fellow Topless Roboteers. First of is Dead Inside, a horror movie by Jennifer Zhang, who you might remember as the director of the awesome “Street Fighter High” webseries and the Batman: Death Wish fan flick. This horror movie — which stars Resident Evil voice actor Matthew “Leon” Mercer and a lot of the SFH folks — just came out in the UK as The Evil Inside, but it’ll be in the U.S. at a variety of film festivals. You can check out the trailer above and get more info here.
Second, Cartoon Lagoon is basically Mystery Science Theater 3000 for old, crappy cartoons, and if you don’t want to see that I just have no idea how your brain works. It’s $13 for two full hours of puppet sailors-mocking-bad-cartoons-on-a-submarine goodness, which I think is a hell of a deal.

? Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I don’t think this movie was a flop, exactly, but I don’t think it did well enough to justify Hollywood making Grover Cleveland: Poltergeist Tickler.
Now starring The One Cool Thing from The Phantom Menace! 
Blade Runner comes to Blu-ray with all four of its versions (theatrical, international, the first director’s cut, and Ridley Scott’s newer 2007 director’s cut). If you want a copy, you might want to stop by TR this weekend…
I’ve heard good things about this show, but then I remember it’s about a succubus raised by humans who kills people when she sleeps with them who is now being targeted by the “Fae” and it all just sounds too much like a shitty supernatural Harlequin romance for me to give it a try. Anyone want to convince me otherwise?
All the Universal monster flicks on Blu-ray, but now in a large, awkwardly shaped case!
The demonic puppets fight Nazis. I swear to god. The Nazis even have evil(er) Nazi puppets. Citizen Kane, you can stand the fuck down, because there’s a new greatest movie ever made.
? Evil Head
The Evil Dead porn parody comes out on Thursday, apparently. Adjust your schedules accordingly.