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Hail to the Predaking, Baby


When Transformers Prime season 3 begins next spring, it won’t just be Transformers Prime, but Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. What this means, I don’t know entirely, but I do know it means Predaking will make his appearance as “the ultimate Autobot hunter,” if only because that’s what Hasbro said would happen. Hasbro debuted this preview of the upcoming season at NYCC, and if that’s not enough for you, Seibertron managed to record a shockingly non-shitty bootleg of an actual clip, in which Shockwave introduces Predaking to Megatron:

I haven’t watched Prime since the beginning of season one, so can someone tell me where those annoying kids are? Are they gone? Are they… dead? Because if they’re dead, I will take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about Prime. And if they’re just gone, I’ll actually start watching.