Marvel’s Getting Back into the Mediocre Animated DVD Movie Game


From Entertainment Weekly:

Marvel Animation Studios has exclusively revealed plans to EW for its debut feature, Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, which will team Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in a fight against the villain Zzzax, a creature formed out of pure energy who can absorb human minds.

As these first images show, the movie (which will debut on home video April 23) is a hybrid of computer-generated animation and hand-drawn art. …

“We see his [Zzzax’s] origin in the movie. It’s what would happen if the entire Eastern seaboard [electrical grid]went out,” says Jeph Loeb, executive VP of Marvel’s TV division, which is overseeing the movie. “The two heroes meet up, thinking of each other as to blame.”
What happens next? “Calamity ensues,” Loeb says.

Obviously, there’s way I know for sure that Heroes United will be mediocre, except that it’s going to show up the origin of fucking Zzzax and Jeph Loeb’s in charge. “What? People loved the relationship between Iron Man and Hulk in the live-action movie? Well, how about we make an animated movie where they fight each other! WON’T THAT BLOW EVERYONE’S MINDS?!”