Okay, Maybe the He-Man iOS Game Isn’t the Worst Thing Ever

On Tuesday, I got into my super-pissy mode when discussing the announcement of the He-Man cellphone game. It was a combination of my inability to ever be happy with anything He-Man related and a shitty mood, and I said that cellphone games “weren’t real games” and basically acted like an asshole. My apologies. I’ve enjoyed plenty of cellphone games more than console games, and I’m not just talking about Nintendo games (OH SNAP HE’S STILL GOT IT). Anyways, a video preview for He-Man came out, and it looks pretty fun.

I still think the art style is a bit weird — especially the legs being even shorter than they were on the ’80s toys — and I still wish I’d eventually get a Masters of the Universe console game (in my head it’s a combination between Skyrim’s massive world but with Soul Calibur II‘s fighting engine), but this looks plenty fun, and it’s probably only going to be a few bucks. I’ll pay a few dollars to kick Hordak’s ass with Orko. (Via