So a Power Glove for Smartphones Is a Thing That Exists


Power Glove.jpg

Back in the 1980s, Nintendo’s Power Glove amazed and disappointed an entire generation. So naturally the device is coming back. Sort of. Proving once more that everything old is new again, B.i.Tech is releasing a new twist on the old concept in the form of BEARtek Gloves that control your newfangled MP3 players or smartphones through Bluetooth technology thanks to touch-sensitive pads on the fingers and thumbs. There’s a pretty detailed FAQ here, and its worth mentioning that these are still in the prototype stage. As nerdy as these are, it seems like the B.i.Tech people should embrace the full geek potential for these things and license an Infinity Gauntlet-themed BEARtek Glove from Marvel. Then they’d truly be playing with power, and probably making a sizable amount of dough in the process. (Via Gizmodo)