Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Elfoid


This STJT is actually a year and a half old, but is so creepy I had to show it to you guys anyways. Have you ever wished you could call somebody on a tiny albino tadpole person with soulless, dead eyes? Have I got good news for you!


Behold the Elfoid, a phone that major Japanese phone company Docomo is actually working on developing, on purpose. Please note the way his lower region merges into a disgusting, fleshy nub, yet he still has a slight indentation indicating some kind of genital area. Apparently buttons light up in the Elfoid’s chest when it’s time to make a call; I don’t know if it screams in pain or merely mutters in consternation when you dial on him, but either way I’m going to have nightmares about this thing tonight.


Just wanted to make sure you had nightmares too. Enjoy! (Via Pink Tentacle)