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Toy Trifecta: Mortal Kombat, Sailor Moon, HAL9000


mk arena.jpg

? I’m not the biggest fan of Jazwares’ wares, but I always appreciate a good playset, so kudos to them for creating Shao Kahn’s arena/throne/thingie for their 3 3/4th-inch Mortal Kombat line. ToyNewsI has an excellent review here.


? After nearly 20 years, someone is finally making decent, articulated Sailor Moon action figures. Not dolls, not gashapon, honest-to-glob action figures. And they’re from Bandai Japan, so they’ll actually be pretty good. Expensive as hell, sure, but much better that than have Bandai USA get their mitts on them. (Via Tomopop)


? If you’ve been looking for a computer intelligence to treat you with passive-aggressive contempt, wait no more! Artifactory has made a replica of HAL9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey; he says 15 withering phrases and aluminum and iptical grade glass an other good stuff. If that sounds like it’s worth $500 to you, you can pre-order HAL here.